Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Bench

Now that I have a nice stand for my mitre saw I decided to build something. Decisions like that are made much easier when it's actually something you can use. Working nights I get ready for work around 11:00 pm and usually Tania is asleep by then. To keep from waking her I get dressed in the bathroom. The only problem with this is the only place to sit and put my shoes and socks on is the edge of the tub. Our tub has a narrow, short, slick edge which makes this a bit difficult. After sliding around on it one too many times I decided to build a bench.

Since the engine was stolen for the father son project I had planned with Matty, I decided to get him involved with this.

Tania and I spent a Saturday afternoon at the home improvement store picking out pieces of pine for the bench. Because it was just going to be painted to match the bathroom, pine was more than good enough for what I needed.

The hardest parts of the build were keeping Matty interested in it and painting it.

After finding an old can of paint from when our house was built we got it matched and even with the "No primer needed" paint it still took three heavy coats of paint to cover the bench.

The bench was made with a small compartment inside because you cannot ever have enough spaces to put stuff you dont need and never use.

I haven't made anything from wood in over 25 years and while this is far from any sort of masterpiece, I am happy with how it turned out. Tania didn't see a need for it but she uses it every morning.