Sunday, April 22, 2012

Project Garage: Week 3

I did not work on the garage this weekend other than to pick up some 1/4" pegboard which I need to cut down and paint. Last week I finished up making all the small pieces the movers lost, to finish putting the Lista cabinets back together. Just having them in place without anything inside of them has freed up a large amount of floor space in the garage. I had to relocate the GFCI on the wall behind the cabinets, but other than that it was just time consuming to re-assemble them.

They dwarf the 60 gallon compressor sitting next to them.

Next on my list is the compressor wiring and deciding on using Pex or copper lines. The Pex is very attractive both because of easy installation and price. My only concern with it is its ability to dissipate heat and the condensation in the lines that would create. I have some ideas for water traps that if they pan out with my research, I will probably use the Pex.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project: Garage

After being razzed by someone (Harold) at work (Harold), I decided it was time to get my garage in order. Initially I had been looking at doing something with the floor. Because I do welding and grinding, vinyl tile and paint solutions would not work for me. I am leaning towards doing porcelain tile if I can find it cheap enough. Until then the plain concrete with desifier will be good enough.

Next before I could could clean up our move in pile, set up my shelves and benches I needed to do something with the walls.

Last week I took a couple days off and started painting the walls.  My last garage had all white walls and everything from about four feet down got very dirty from grinding, welding etc. I decided to paint that area grey with a lista blue border.

Taping the walls off and painting them was a pain due to the poor quality paintjob the builder did when they finished the garage, I had to repair multiple areas along the tape line.  Lesson learned, if I ever build a home again I will take some masking tape to the final walkthrough and do pull tests on the paint.

The grey came out darker than I intended and the final stripe was too plain, so now I am adding a 1/4" pinstripe to the edges of it.