Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Home Week 2

This week they finished the walls of the basement and attached the ducts to the basement windows.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Home

Tania and I have decided to build a home halfway between Pittsboro and Brownsburg. It's the home we were looking at and would have built had we stayed in Indiana. It was also promise I made to Tania if we moved back to Indiana. The Pulte development we are building in had 30-40 homes when we left and its now down to the last few lots. We were fortunate to get one of the last few decent lots left. It is a corner lot on the edge of the development.

The big thing about the house for us is its a ranch style home which seems to be very rare outside of extremely cheap homes or custom built. The model we chose is a "Brampton" optioned with a 3rd garage stall, extended garage, basement, 3 lane driveway. 3 bay windows, second sliding glass door in garden room and full brick wrap.

Last weekend when Tania and Matty were here we had our first builders meeting and Monday they started digging the basement. Here is a shot from the laundry room area looking towards the master bedroom showing the basement with the footings poured and the drainage tubing ran.

Here is a shot from the same spot looking through the garage area showing the footings and the rock they brought in for the driveway.
This shot is from in front of bedroom 2 looking back towards where the kitchen will be.

This is a shot of the same model home in the division with the brick we have chosen and a similar color scheme, our house will look very close to this when finished.