Sunday, August 26, 2012

Garage Lighting Finished

Yesterday I chose to buy a couple more four foot lights and finish the install.

I ended up with 10ea four foot and 1ea eight foot lights.

I think it will be enough.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Garage Lighting

Last weekend I purchased some T5HO lights from Home Depot but only had time to remove the existing 32 watt T8 lights and replace them along with putting one 8 foot long fixture above my work bench. This weekend after seeing how the existing light circuit was wired and the current loading on it I did not feel comfortable adding all the other lights I had bought. I decided to wire in another 15 amp circuit for the additional lights, an added benefit to this would be that I could split how many lights were on at one time.

The pictures I have taken are with just over half the lights installed, I still have three more four foot lights and one eight foot light to install in the other two bays. Looking back in my blog you can see many of the pictures I took were with the lights on and the door open the difference with the new lights is quite drastic. Taking a picture of them does them no justice, the auto exposure dims the camera and disabling it only produces a washed out picture.

The T5HO bulbs are 5000 Lumen per bulb compared with the T8 lights I removed which are 2800 Lumen per bulb.

With the camera directed more towards the car, it gives a better indication of how bright the lighting is.