Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spot Free Rinse

I have been researching different options for a spot free rinse when washing my car.  On a moderately warm day it is next to impossible to get it dried without some spotting. This is mostly due to the quality of the water in this area.

Water quality is generally based on Total Dissolved Solids or TDS which is generally measured in Parts Per Million or PPM.  The EPA advises against consuming water with more than 500ppm TDS, the national average is 350ppm The area of Brownsburg I live in is on Indianapolis water, I measured the TDS at 398ppm well above the national average.

Initially I plumbed a soft water spigot into the garage because it was cheap and easy, it helped some with making the car easier to dry without spotting, but didn't come close to fixing the problem.

After much research I decided I was going to go with a Reverse Osmosis or RO system. Initially the wasted water (best case 3:1) was a deal breaker for me, but I came up with a plan to use the excess to water the flower beds around the house. Two things happened that would change my mind, I broke my thumb preventing me from doing all but the most simple tasks and Costco had a sale on the only other real option, a water De-ionizer.

This was a proven simple to use system that is designed exactly for what I wanted to do. Its initial cost is less than the RO system but it has a higher long term cost, unless I decide to process the resin myself.

The system works great, I could not be happier with it and only wish I had gotten one sooner. I can wash the car in 20 minutes, let it air dry in the garage and have next to no spots. Both cars can be done in less than an hour on the hottest days. It can also be used to rinse the windows on the house or any other items that would be time consuming or difficult to dry.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fall Like an Old Man

This February I was in Atlanta for work.  I normally don't like to travel much but when I can go to a much warmer location in winter its not so bad.  Unfortunately for me it never got above 20 degrees while I was there.

Leaving the hotel on the last day I was walking to my rental car and fell like an old man on some black ice.  My thumb hooked on the handle of my roller bag and promptly bent back to my wrist. I was quite sure it was broken, but had a flight in two hours back home.  Getting through security with two laptops, shoes and belt off was quite fun but I made it through eventually and had the pins put in three days later.

So now I get to wear a splint for six weeks before the pins can be removed.