Sunday, December 7, 2014

Air Lines - Update

I decided to update my air line couplers, the ones I had were based on a eclectic mix of what came on the tool, where I have worked in the past and what I could find to make it work. Toss in some HF specials and I had couplers leaking everywhere.

Doing some research on Garage Journal, Milton was mentioned a lot but it really came down to you get what you pay for. Once I decided on Milton, I needed to decide on what type of coupler, choosing the "V Type" didn't take long. The couplers are capable of 74 SCFM air flow and in addition to the default "V Type" plugs they will also accept "M" and "A" at their own flow rates.

Its very obvious the "V Type" is quite a bit larger.

Removing the couplers as the weak link for flow in my system left one last item, the connection from the black lines to the work benches. I went with a 1/2" hyd line and a black pipe coupler. Much better than the 3/8" hose with couplers on both ends.

Now the limiting factor is the compressor itself.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Garage Floor Replacement Pt.5

Last weekend I worked on some cleanup in the garage and was able to get enough room to get the cherry picker and mower back in the garage mostly thanks to all the help Tania gave me.

This week I worked on re-organizing some of the items, I never had truly went through my cabinets and tool box and organized everything like I wanted it.

My first project was re-purposing some vinyl shelving by cutting off the lip and bending them in a brake. I was then able to just insert the ends of the shelf through the pegboard holes in the back of the cabinet. Some clamps using existing screws in the cabinet hold the main part of the shelf. I'm very happy with how they turned out with basically no cost, right away I found three cans of WD to put on them WTF?

Next project was a simple hangar for my angle grinders. It seemed like they were always in the way on my work bench, I don't really know why I had not done this sooner.

Lastly project wise I got rid of the carpet remnant entry mat and bought a real one along with some stair treads from Lowes last weekend. This week when Tractor Supply put their 4'x6' horse stall mats on sale for Black Friday, getting two was a no brainer, I was tempted to buy four and put them under the benches too.

I still have a good weekend of organizing left but it is nice to be able to use the garage again.