The last week of October I finished up the necessary claim paperwork for what was stolen during our move. It took me over three weeks to research what is missing, look up values or equivalent values and fill out the 18 pages of claim forms. These forms I submitted to the claim company and a week later they sent me a letter stating they had received the forms and forwarded them to their parent company (Atlas). It went on to state I would be hearing from a claims representative shortly.

Five weeks later and still no word, I contacted the claims department it was sent to. After two minutes of looking I was informed, “there is no record of any claim in your file”. Up to this point I have pretty much taken all of this in stride, I mean it really does no good to get upset. because all of this will take time to sort out. The problem is, every person I have dealt with appears to be either totally inept or completely ineffectual at their job. At this point in time I really went off on some poor secretary that probably is completely capable of doing her job and was only guilty of answering my call. My words were something along the lines of “Just so I understand this correctly, not only has your company lost my personal property, you have now lost the claim forms for that property”.

That was over a week ago, by last Friday everything had been submitted to the corporate claims office once again I was placed in the “someone will contact you shortly” status.