Friday, September 25, 2009

Garage Shelves

Two weeks ago I found a Craigslist listing for some Lista shelves in Phoenix. Lista makes probably some of the best industrial shelves and cabinets available, and they are priced according, so when I seen them listed for 275.00 I got very excited. After a quick call to the seller and some reservations for a U-haul trailer we were on the road to Phoenix.

I had also found some Weld ProStars in another listing and on the drive up I debated if I needed to spend the money on them. Once we got into Phoenix, I decided to call the guy with the ProStars and we stopped by his place first. They are 15X3.5’s and 15X8’s off a late model camaro, the Mikey Thompsons on the back rims are shot, but the price he wanted was less than the back two rims would have cost alone.

After we loaded those up we headed over to the guy with the Lista shelves, whom of course lived on the opposite side of Phoenix. An hour later we arrived at his house, an upscale gated community with 500K+ homes, he lead us through the garage which was absolutely packed and on to a RV parking pad next to his house. The cabinets were sitting there against the side of his house and after just a quick glance over, I handed him the money.

Loading them was an adventure in itself, they are not modular so you either keep them all together or take them completely apart. Thankfully the roll-up doors were not installed, the larger ones weigh over 100lbs and the sliding shelves, which removed easily, are probably around 70lbs each. He had a friend over at his house and even with using a couple of dolly’s they were difficult to get loaded.

Once we got home I was able to slide them out of the back of the trailer onto a couple of dolly’s and their they laid until I had time last weekend to work on setting them up. At 9′×9′×24″ my choices in placing them in the garage were rather limited. I do have a three car garage but it does not have any overflow space around the sides. The wall I ended up placing them on had water fittings for adding a water softener. I reluctantly decided to cut a small opening in the metal pegboard back of the center cabinet to allow the waterline to pass through. If I do decide to put in a softener it will easily fit in the center cabinet.

After Matt and I moved them in and out of the garage a couple times to clean them, I was ready to stand them up. The problem was the placement of the garage door and opener. I needed to stand them up in the open ceiling area of the garage which just happens to be about 10 feet from the wall giving me a foot of space in which to try and lift them upright. Matt and I tried a couple times to lift them, but had to wait for Tania to get home, even with the three of us I was thinking I was going to be taking them apart and assembling them standing up. That plan failed quickly when I realized I couldn’t take them apart with them laying on their back, flipping them would have been just as hard as lifting them. After about 30 minutes of struggling we had them standing and 15 hours of work later I had them in place and fully assembled.

They appeared to come from some auto parts warehouse and held large items, for my needs I want some more shelves in them so I looked on Listas website to see how much they were. The site showed the sliding shelves which are rated at 770lb load capacity and had a 789.00 price tag each. The standard fixed shelves are a little cheaper at 70.00 each, I’m going to price out some metal and unless its a lot cheaper to build some I’ll order the Lista shelves.

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