Thursday, December 17, 2009


Matty had his first concert of the year last night. This is his second year playing stand-up bass in a school orchestra.

The concert opened up with the students from the “beginning orchestra” which comprised of around 25 students that had been playing anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 years. They were all dressed in white shirts and black slacks. They did a very good job and played for around 20 minutes, many of the songs being seasonal and very short.

Following that the “advanced orchestra” went up on the stage and as you can see from the picture it consisted of nine students all dressed in black. I was very impressed by how well they sounded for such a small group of young kids. The concerts he played in Brownsburg were with much larger groups of kids, the bass section alone would have five to six.

I was also impressed by how well Matty played being I never hear him practice at home, the most noise I hear from his bass is when it either slides off whatever he has it propped against or it being moved out of his way.

The total concert lasted about an hour and was very entertaining. Its sad to think that they wont be doing it next year. Due to budget constraints all music has been cut from his school along with sports. I’m really rather upset about this because this is the only chance most people have in their lives to do either.

I guess when Tucson cant afford to pay police and firemen that expecting our children to have extra curricular activities thorough the school is expecting too much.

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