Thursday, September 8, 2011

Business Travel

Earlier this week I had to travel to Seattle for work. I normally don't care much for for business travel but this trip was very enjoyable.

I didn't bring my camera with me so the pics are not real good quality. The first was one I snapped out the very dirty airplane window as we passed by Mt Rainier.

The first night in Seattle we went on a dinner cruise courtesy of Boeing. The weather was absolutely beautiful in the mid 80s, it was even quite warm after the sun went down.

This was a shot I tool of Bill Gates shack.

Some of Bill's neighbor's shacks.

This house belongs toCharles Simonyi, a former Microsoft executive that was responsible for the development of Word and Excel. Its known as the Windows 2000 house.
The pictures I took later were too low light and came out very grainy.

The next day our meeting was held at the Museum of Fight, after it was over I was able to spend a few hours looking through the museum.

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