Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Home Week 13

We took a lot of pictures this week.

 Here is Matty showing off the large driveway he will soon be scooping snow from.

Appliances installed in the kitchen.

Mirrors installed in the bathrooms.

Landscaping Tania is already planning on taking out, something about being the wrong type of shrub.

They finished painting the walls in the garage.

 Hardwood floor in the kitchen.

The wrong carpet all installed.

Tile finished up in the sunroom area.

Master bath, with a new stub wall that is now actually parallel to other walls in the house.

Chrome towel racks that will be removed to install the brushed nickle ones.

Frosted shower glass we requested in place of the clear glass, much easier to keep clean.

Master bedroom closet.

More of the wrong carpet.

Entryway with the flooring exposed.

Couple shots of the house with the sod installed, its very lumpy and rough right now.

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