Thursday, March 29, 2012


When we were in Indiana before we had a Simplicty walk behind with a 34" deck. It was basically a riding mower with the seat removed and handle bars installed, It was extremely overbuilt, cut and mulched very well but was at times difficult to turn. I would have bought another but was informed by the local dealer they were no longer produced. After looking at numerous residential WAW (Wide Area Walkbehind) mowers and reading how bad they were, I started looking towards zero turns and commercial walk behinds.

I settled on a Gravely ZT42 which was priced under many same sized box store mowers and much less than a commercial walk behind.

It has a 23hp Kawasaki twin, three blade 42" deck and a top speed of 6mph. Buying it from a local dealer adds the service and warranty that costs extra from the box stores. Its total overkill for my lawn and I love being able to mow it in less than 20 minutes, possibly faster once I learn how to actually drive it.

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