Monday, October 1, 2012

Braided Steel Brake Lines

Today I swapped out the rubber flex lines for braided steel lines on the Corvette, The braided lines will not expand like the rubber ones do which makes the brake pedal much firmer and provides better feedback.

Because the car does have over 30k on it now the cast aluminum suspension pieces and the cradles have a lot of road grime on them. I decided to clean them up while I had the wheels off the car. Napa sells a product called "Aluminum Brightener" it contains hydrofluoric, sulfuric and phosphoric acids. With all that bad stuff you know it works great.


After, I never touched the aluminum parts only wiped down the plastic with an old wash mitt, I spent maybe five minutes cleaning this area.

The rear suspension was much dirtier, this picture is after I sprayed it once and let it set for 30 seconds.

Finished about five minutes later.

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