Sunday, June 9, 2013

Flower Bed

The last two weekends Tania and I have been working on a small wall at the edge of the flower beds around the house. Initially we had discussed continuous curbing, there are many in the neighborhood that have had it installed. I like how it looks on flat areas but don't like the look when the land slopes away from the house. I was also concerned about how it would hold up with the weather cycles here, I was told it is prone to cracking but did no research to verify that. We decided instead to put up a concrete block wall. We found some block at Lowes that matches the brick fairly well and has a look we both like.

The plan is to take it four feet around the tree and back to the forward corner of the house. It will be approximately five blocks high by then. Part 2 will be running a two block high wall down the side of the house. I am hoping this will be easier as the ground is level to the house.

We have used approximately 80 blocks to this point with another 90 or so still in the back of the truck. It has been very slow going so far because we have been leveling every block. I don't want to go back and fix this wall in a year, so hopefully time spent now will be worth it.

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