Sunday, November 16, 2014

Garage Floor Replacement Pt.4

Now that we can park in the garage again, I get to move everything back where it goes. Before the Lista cabinets go back in place I need to do some wiring. The plug behind the cabinets was the first in the GFI circuit, where it is located there is no way to reset it if it should trip. Since I also needed to place a new outlet near the new sprinkler control we had installed this summer I decided to tie into this one and make the new one the first in the circuit.

Here is the outlet behind the cabinets, I was able to take the box out, pull the Romex loose from the wall, tie onto it and pull a new line up. I put a new box back in and reconnected the outlet to the new line.

Taking the line from the box behind the cabinets Matty drilled a drop and sent it down to the sprinkler control. There were already two holes cut in this wall for, phone and cable service, since we never had phones installed I used that spot for the outlet and installed the GFI here. While I had it all apart, I also took down all the wiring to the sprinkler valves that was on the outside of the wall and ran it internally.

Last weekend we finished up a project I have been wanting to do for quite a while. I purchased some FRP to put around the sink in the laundry room and when I started the project Tania decided to paint the laundry room. This then turned into installing a floating shelf and light above the sink. In the end it turned out good and should make keeping the walls around the sink much easier, plus I can see what I'm washing in the sink now.

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