Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blast Cabinet

Now that the garage is useable again I was able to finish some projects on the vehicles. The truck got a new water pump, lower radiator hose and a good clean out of the overflow tank. I also replaced all of the parking brake cables along with the 130k mile shocks. Along with the clutch I put in it a few months ago it should be good for the winter.

This let me park the corvette for the winter and get it ready for some mods. When I did the headers last spring I noticed that the EGR connection at the intake had split, it was something I had put together after I got the car to fix the original owners glued together solution. I don't know what the rubber elbow was from but it wasn't going to last long and wasn't a good solution.

A better solution was the braided toilet tank fill line I replaced it with, I'm sure when found out I will be banned for life from any corvette forum, club etc.

Right now the most recent dyno was 415/414, my plans for the winter are a Spinmonster cam and possibly TFS heads I want a good solid 500 rwhp naturally aspirated.

In the garage this week I added a motor rated switch on the compressor, I wanted a light to indicate that it was on to basically tell me "hey dumbass turn me off" when I leave the garage. The switch works great the indicator light not so much it puts out all of .005 lumen. I need to figure out something brighter.

The big thing this weekend though was finding this on CL.

The cabinet has good glass and new gloves, the gun is in good condition and it came with three five gallon buckets of media and five new filters for the dust collector. The previous owner removed the motor from the dust collector, he said it had sucked up something that stopped the motor. While he had it off he rigged up the canister to work with a shop vac, but I got the original motor with the unit and it works fine so I will be putting it back.

Today I ran a new drop for the cabinet, physically it only sits 12 feet from the compressor but I tapped into a leg in the middle of the garage and added 16 feet to put it around 35 feet from the compressor.

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