Saturday, January 2, 2010


Tania, Matty and I had a nice Christmas with just the three of us.

Because of the school canceling the orchestra, I wanted Matty to continue playing his bass. To keep his interest active with it we decided to buy him an electric bass and amplifier for Christmas.

It's hard to see in the picture but the Ibanez bass is a dark blue sunburst. The amplifier is a 10 watt studio amp with multiple sound functions. It also allows for music player amplification as well as headphones (very important).

He has played it non-stop for the last week.

Tania is a bit harder to buy for, she normally buys whatever she needs. This year was much easier, her watch had stopped working properly for the last few weeks so I got her a Citizen Eco Drive solar powered watch. Tania has a thing about watches without numbers on the face, so this one fit the bill perfectly

Knowing me like she does, she bought me an awesome stand for my Rigid saw. Something I had been looking at for a while but had not bought because I could not justify the cost versus need.

It is a Rigid MS-UV or Miter Saw Utility Vehicle. It has extensions on both ends which pull out to triple its length and those extensions have support legs that are inside the extension. The entire unit folds up and stands on end with the saw attached for storage. No more kneeling on the floor to cut wood!

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