Monday, January 25, 2010

Garage Updates

I had my the lighting in my garage 50% completed when I decided to do something different. I wasn't happy with the amount of light it was putting out and was less happy with how it looked.

Initially I had purchased some very cheap four foot lights that were designed to hang from chains and plug into an outlet. I drilled holes through these and screwed them directly to the ceiling. While researching  electrical code for hardwiring the lights, I found out that not only could I not hardwire them, I should not have mounted them any way other than by chain. It appears that the design of the light does not let the transformer cool properly unless its hanging.

The following weekend I purchased the lights I should have bought in the first place, they were five times the cost of the ones I had originally purchased. This is a case of you get what you pay for and I am very happy with the lighting in the garage now.

I have four of the six lights I purchased, installed, I stil need to move the Nova and put the remaining two lights above it. They don't take that long to install, its the decision I made to run the wiring internally that takes a lot of time.

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