Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garage Stereo

Two weeks ago I was driving back from Lowes when I saw a sign for a garage sale, it was in a division just off of ours that is much older. Usually that will mean people have lived there longer and had more time to collect stuff. The house had stuff all over the lawn and the driveway along with a slightly pissed off woman who's husband was not around to "help sell his junk". This enabled me to get three oak kitchen lower cabinets for $20.00 which I plan to use in the laundry room to make an area to fold clothes. A Hon 5 drawer vertical file cabinet for $20.00 and a Kenwood reciever, two Aiwa speakers, a subwoofer and a magnification light for another $20.00.

The garage stereo sounds great now.

I also purchased a ceiling fan for the living room. I had been looking at different ones online but was concerned that the standard 54" fan would not look good in a room that big.  Lowes had a 60" Hunter on sale and I was so impressed with how it was built and its looks I went back and bought another for our bedroom.

This weekend I spend working on the Corvette again. The passenger door has never fit properly and I had never taken the time to look at it. By loosening the hinges I was able to rotate the bottom of the door inward and taking the door panel off let me adjust the striker. Now instead of it sticking out 3/16" along the aft edge from the center down, its nice and flush with the rear quarter. It also fixed a clearance problem the car always has had with the passenger front fender.

I also decided to clay-bar the car, the paint on it had become very rough to the touch and after hitting it with a clay-bar I understood why. The pictures below are the clay-bar before use and after going over a one square foot area. Sorry for how blurry they are it was difficult to take them with my left hand.

Now the paint on the car feels like cold glass, its amazing what this clay-bar does and how easy it is. Speaking of glass I did the back window and the windshield with the same results. The clay-bar works great on glass and gets it amazingly clean. We also used it on one of the house windows and it removed all the water spots as easy as if I had wiped them with a paper towel.

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