Monday, September 3, 2012


Since I painted the walls in the garage I have been slowing putting up banners, pictures etc. One wall I have been saving for something big but too cheap to spend the money on something big to put on it. I have been looking at sites online that will make vinyl from a photo, both photo realistic or a black line drawing. The prices for them are not terrible until you get into the larger ones like I was looking at.

Instead I decided I would try and transfer a photo by using a grid. I am not what I would consider to be an artistic person so I figured if it doesn't turn out its as simple as painting over it and I'm only out my time.

First I chose to use this picture as a basis for the wall.

I then used GIMP to make the photos perspective straight, desaturate it and turn it into a drawing. After that was done, using the license plate as a known size reference I laid out a one foot grid then broke it down to inches.

I then laid out a grid on the wall and began drawing a rough outline of the picture.

This is all the further I got with it today, once it is drawn in I plan to paint it black as in the second picture and depending on how it turns out I may do something with the emblem either actual colors or a real emblem.

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