Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Grill

Before we went on vacation I found a grill at a garage sale. The story the owner gave me was the burners fell apart and he needed it for a family get together. He ordered new burners at $20.00 a pop, but they didn't come in on time so he bought a new grill. He had this for sale for $20.00 and inside it was a box with $80.00 worth of new burners.

When I got it home and started power washing the fire box, I noticed that the supports for the flame deflectors were rotted away. Further cleaning blasted holes through the fire box where the drip pan had been spot welded. I patched up some of the holes and fixed the supports with some scrap metal so we could use it.

I decided after I had it working that with a total investment of $20.00 and an hour of my time I could afford to spend a little money on it. The same grill at a home improvement center is $399.00. I went on their website and ordered a new fire box for $49.00, a temperature gauge for $8.00 and a universal ignition box for $15.00.

This weekend I had some time to tear it apart and replace the fire box, of course it is the item the grill is built around.

Overall I am happy with how it came out, it works well and for less than $90.00 invested.

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